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Sarah Arvio, Bodhisattva
Appeared in: The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day
Derrick Austin, Cedars of Lebanon
Appeared in: Burrow Press Review
Desiree Bailey, A Retrograde
Appeared in: Muzzle
Melissa Barrett, WFM: Allergic to Pine-Sol, Am I the Only One
Appeared in: The Journal
Mark Bibbins, Swallowed
Appeared in: Lemmon Hound
Jessamyn Birrer, A Scatology
Appeared in: Ninth Letter
Chana Bloch, The Joins
Appeared in: The Southern Review
Emma Bolden, House Is an Enigma
Appeared in: Conduit
Dexter L. Booth, Prayer at 3 a.m.
Appeared in: The Volta
Catherine Bowman, Makeshift
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Rachel Briggs, in the hall of the ruby-throated warbler
Appeared in: Able Muse
Jericho Brown, Homeland
Appeared in: Fence
Rafael Campo, Doctors Lie, May Hide Mistakes
Appeared in: upstreet
Julie Carr, A fourteen-line poem on sex
Appeared in: The Kenyon Review
Chen Chen, for I will do/undo what was done/undone to me
Appeared in: PANK
Susanna Childress, Careful, I Just Won a Prize at the Fair
Appeared in: Columbia Poetry Review
Yi-Fen Chou, The Bees, the Flowers, Jesus, Ancient Tigers, Poseidon, Adam and Eve
Appeared in: Prairie Schooner
Erica Dawson, Slow-Wave Sleep with Fairy Tale
Appeared in: Tupelo Quarterly
Danielle DeTiberus, In a Black Tank Top
Appeared in: Rattle
Natalie Diaz, It Was the Animals
Appeared in: Poetry
Denise Duhamel, Fornicating
Appeared in: The Literary Review
Thomas Sayers Ellis, Vernacular Owl
Appeared in: Poetry
Emily Kendal Frey, In Memory of My Parents Who Are Not Dead Yet
Appeared in: Powder Keg
James Galvin, On the Sadness of Wedding Dresses
Appeared in: Iowa Review
Madelyn Garner, The Garden in August
Appeared in: PMS
Amy Gerstler, Rhinencephalon
Appeared in: American Poetry Review
Louise Glück, A Sharply Worded Silence
Appeared in: The Threepenny Review
R.S. Gwynn, Looney Tunes
Appeared in: Able Muse
Meredith Hasemann, Thumbs
Appeared in: The Southampton Review
Terrance Hayes, Antebellum House Party
Appeared in: The New Yorker
Rebecca Hazelton, My Husband
Appeared in: Court Green
Jane Hirshfield, A Common Cold
Appeared in: The Threepenny Review
Bethany Schultz Hurst, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Issues 1-12
Appeared in: New Ohio Review
Saeed Jones, Body & Kentucky Bourbon
Appeared in: Poetry Daily
Joan Naviyuk Kane, Exhibits from the Dark Museum
Appeared in: Alaska Quarterly Review
Laura Kasischke, For the Young Woman I Saw Hit by a Car While Riding Her Bike
Appeared in: Post Road
Douglas Kearney, In the End, They Were Born on TV
Appeared in: Iowa Review
Jennifer Keith, Eating Walnuts
Appeared in: Unsplendid
David Kirby, Is Spot in Heaven?
Appeared in: The Cincinnati Review
Andrew Kozma, Ode to the Common Housefly
Appeared in: Subtropics
Hailey Leithauser, The Pickpocket Song
Appeared in: 32 Poems
Dana Levin, Watching the Sea Go
Appeared in: The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day
Patricia Lockwood, See a Furious Waterfall Without Water
Appeared in: A Public Space
Dora Malech, Party Games
Appeared in: The Hopkins Review
Donna Masini, Anxieties
Appeared in: The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day
Airea D. Matthews, If My Late Grandmother Were Gertrude Stein
Appeared in: Kinfolks Quarterly
Jamaal May, There Are Birds Here
Appeared in: Poetry
Laura McCullough, There Were Only Dandelions
Appeared in: Terminus Magazine
Rajiv Mohabir, Dove
Appeared in: Prairie Schooner
Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Upon Hearing the News You Buried Our Dog
Appeared in: The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day
D. Nurkse, Plutonium
Appeared in: The Manhattan Review
Tanya Olson, 54 Prince
Appeared in: The Awl
Ron Padgett, Survivor Guilt
Appeared in: The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day
Alan Michael Parker, Candying Mint
Appeared in: The Carolina Review
Catherine Pierce, Relevant Details
Appeared in: Pleiades
Donald Platt, The Main Event
Appeared in: Southwest Review
Claudia Rankine, from Citizen
Appeared in: Granta
Raphael Rubenstein, Poem Begun on a Train
Appeared in: Harper's
Natalie Scenters-Zapico, Endnote on Ciudad Juárez
Appeared in: West Branch
Evie Shockley, legend
Appeared in: Fence
Charles Simic, So Early in the Morning
Appeared in: The Paris Review
Sandra Simonds, Similitude at Versailles
Appeared in: Colorado Review
Ed Skoog, The Macarena
Appeared in: Fruita Pulp
A.E. Stallings, Ajar
Appeared in: The Atlantic Monthly
Susan Terris, Memo to the Former Child Prodigy
Appeared in: Denver Quarterly
Michael Tyrell, Delicatessen
Appeared in: Iowa Review
Wendy Videlock, How You Might Approach Foal:
Appeared in: The New Criterion
Sidney Wade, The Chickasaw Trees
Appeared in: Blackbird
Cody Walker, Trades I Would Make
Appeared in: Poetry Northwest
LaWanda Walters, Goodness in Mississippi
Appeared in: The Georgia Review
Afaa Michael Weaver, City of Eternal Spring
Appeared in: The Rumpus
Candace G. Wiley, Dear Black Barbie
Appeared in: Prairie Schooner
Terence Winch, Subject to Change
Appeared in: Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Jane Wong, Thaw
Appeared in: Birdfeast
Monica Youn, March of the Hanged Men
Appeared in: The Paris Review


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